About D.K. & A. Architects

The Team

The professional DKA Architectural team

Services Offered

  • Architectural
  • Design and Interior Design
  • 3d Modeling, Visualisation & Graphic presentation
  • Development Management
  • Project Management
  • Principle Agents
  • Tenant Coordination

Company Objectives

  • To provide a world class professional service to our clients that will meet their requirements.
  • To design aesthetically interesting, but effective and sustainable buildings.
  • To design & manage projects to minimise harm to the environment & to encourage environmental sustainable construction methods & materials.
  • To maintain a well qualified & efficient staff compliment through the provision of good remuneration, pleasant & safe working conditions, recognition & leadership.

Our Business

We are





Project Managers


Construction and Building plans


Green building consultants

; servicing the Residential, Commercial and Industrial Sectors.

DK Architects

... operating in





Cape Town